The Authors

Marzio Ombra and Narcisse Navarre are kindred spirits who share a lifelong enthusiasm for the mythical, magical, and imaginative aspects of life. They delight in sharing their unique vision with their readers.

Narcisse and Marzio

Narcisse and Marzio met at a game of Dungeons & Dragons, a classic geek’s tale!  They discovered their common love of role-play, fantasy, science fiction and erotica. Most significant, is the important role of imagination in their lives. One thing led to another as the friendship grew stronger. At first they shared poems, short stories and then, ultimately, their dreams of escaping their day jobs to become full-time authors.

Immediately, they set to forging their mutual dream into reality and began writing together. Those early co-authoring attempts were fraught with frustration and challenges. It was their friendship and natural chemistry that encouraged them to persevere until they found their common voice. Now, they create vibrant stories of high adventure, fantastic locales, fascinating characters, dark heroes and darker villains. But always, always, they write of romance. Theirs are tales of love in all its forms.

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